Associates in Digestive Diseases

Fecal Transplant

Imbalances in the bacterial makeup of the tract are sometimes best treated by replacing the bacteria with alternative bacteria. Recently this technique has been used to treat recurrent episodes of c. difficile colitis.

Once an appropriate candidate is identified, a donor will need to be found. The donor will submit to blood and stool testing to ensure that no infection will be transmitted as a result of the transplant/ infusion.

The Recipient
The recipient receives the prepared stool infusion by colonscopic infusion. Specific instructions on preparation, discontinuation of antibiotics, etc. will be given by the office staff.

The Donor
The office will give the donor specific directions on terms of collection and delivery of specimen so that it can be prepared to infuse later that day.

Note: At the time of this writing, this is considered an experimental procedure. Controlled trials are underway to investigate the ability of this therapy in other conditions as well.

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